No more lens jargon and confusing prices

Eyewear from £125 with single vision lenses, lens thinning (up to 1.6), and glare protect or a tint of your choice.


Single Vision

Single vision prescription lenses £125 including Lens Thinning, Glare Protect or Tint.


Upgrade to Bifocal lenses for £85.00 including lens thinning, glare protect / tint. The traditional lens that gives you distance and reading vision in one lens, with a line across the separated vision zones.


Upgrade to Varifocal lenses starting from £125 including lens thinning (up to 1.6), glare protect / tint. Each varifocal lens is suggested based on your individual lifestyle, ensuring you have the most suitable lens.

Screen Lenses

Upgrade to screen lenses from £125 including lens thinning (up to 1.6), glare protect / tint. Screen lenses are recommended for visual tasks that ranges from middlde distance to close up.

Custom Lens Engraving

Make your lenses completely unique with our lens engraving service. Put your initials, a loved ones name, or a commemorative date on your lenses.

Zeiss Partner

Superior clarity across the entire lens. Zeiss lenses available as an Upgrade to Single Vision, Varifocal and Occupational Lenses.

Lens Replacement Service

Already have a glasses frame you like?

Use our lens replacement service:

Single Vision Lenses - £75

Varifocal Lenses - from £200

with lens thinning (upto 1.6) and glare protect or a tint of your choice.

Sunwear and lens tints

Light Reactive Lenses

Available as an upgrade to single vision, screen, varifocal and bifocal lenses with self-tinting technology. Automatically changes colour in the sunlight.

Polarised Lenses

Available as an upgrade to Single Vision, Screen, Bifocal and Varifocal Lenses. The gold standard of sunglasses tint, a combination of a glare tint.


Available on single vision, bifocal, varifocal and screen lenses. Solid Tint FREE (in place of glare protect) when choosing any complete eyewear. Solid Tint £30 with glare protect. Graduated Tint £50 with glare protect. Choose from a wide range of lens tints to customise your eyewear.

Bespoke Lens Tinting

Want to completely customise your lenses? We offer a bespoke lens tinting service. You can bring along a colour of your choice and we can match the lens tint to your sample.