The J.HYDE Experience

Our focus is to style you with eyewear that will make you feel confident.

We want to understand your visual habits and prescribe lenses in the most precise way possible.

We offer quality eyewear made from materials designed to last.

All at a price unmatched anywhere on the high street, that is honest, fair and moreover not confusing.

Eyewear from £125

with prescription lenses, lens thinning, glare protect / tint

No more lens jargon and confusing prices

Included in the price are all the things you need; single vision prescription lens, we'll include lens thinning (up to 1.6), and glare protect or a tint of your choice in one easy price. You just need to choose which style suits you best, and if you're stuck with that our expert stylists are here to help (oh and we include that too).

We make varifocals and that's super simple too.

Eyewear made from materials designed to last

Acetate Series (£125 standard - £225 oversized) we use the best handmade acetate colour slates, coming from highly regarded acetate manufacturers like Mazzucchelli, Jin Yu and Jimei.

Metal Series (£125) is lightweight and flexible. Durable PVD coating ensures an evenly coated surface & lustrous colour.

Titanium series (£225) is Grade 9 Japanese titanium
procured from Ferdinand Wagner from Germany. The different colours are vacuum
plated to ensure a solid scratch-proof coating.

Styling is a first thought, not an after thought

Our stylists understand the world of fashion and know how to style your eyewear. Bringing together your style and personality we will help you find eyewear that allows you to confidently express yourself. Styling is at the heart of our client experience.

Measurement Precision for Optimum Vision

We need you to look your best and see your best. J.HYDE has invested in the Visufit Imaging System, this the most advanced way to take measurements for your lenses on the planet! Making prescription lenses and varifocal adaptation a breeze.

Gone are the days of measuring with a ruler! This technology ensures that human errors are eliminated so you literally can look and see your best.

  • Vik - Optician / Style Director

    Founder of J.HYDE. Utilising his interest in fashion he has over 20 years experience in styling eyewear and looking after eyes! With his keen eye for detail Vik will help you discover exactly what you are looking for. Having lived in Glasgow for 6 years he considers himself to be nearly 1/7th Scottish! Can you guess his age?

  • Dawn - Manager / Expert Stylist

    With over 10 years of experience in the optical industry, Dawn will help you discover the best styles and colours to suit you and your life! We suggest you listen to her opinions - she really knows what she is talking about.

  • Kareena - Client Host

    Kareena will welcome you into store, take preliminary details for your eye test or style session before ushering you to the appropriate team member. She has her own unique 'street style' so if you need some inspiration.