How to make your eyewear last

Finding the perfect pair of glasses takes a considerable amount of time, effort and investment. Improper care may also result in damage to your frames. The following tips will ensure that your frames remain as attractive as the day you bought them:


Use lukewarm, running water to remove dust and help prevent you from scratching your lenses as you clean them. Do not use hot water to clean glasses, as it can damage some lens coatings. Always hold your glasses on the side of the frames to avoid warping and damage to the frames. It is also recommended to clean the sides of the frames and the nosepads which improves the fit of your glasses as the removal of greasy substances helps prevent slipping.


Spray both sides of your lenses with a specialist lens cleaner to keep them clean and minimise the risk of scratching. Gently rub your lenses with a lens cloth, wiping away the solution as you clean. Using a lens cleaner is a great option to make sure your lenses are streak-free, as there’s no need to dry them off afterwards. Avoid using any soaps or cleaners that contain strong chemicals. Your lenses are made up of specialist coatings that are sensitive to chemicals in household cleaners.

Use the right cloth

Avoid using paper towels, dishtowels or your clothing to wipe your lenses as they can often leave particles of dust or dirt on your lenses, causing micro-scratches. Microfibre cleaning cloths are an excellent choice for cleaning glasses. They dry the lenses effectively as they pull away and trap grime and oils. Just make sure you wash your microfibre cloths frequently.

Store properly

Use an appropriately sized hard case to store your glasses, always facing upwards to avoid damage. If you don't have a case with you, make sure you put them in a safe spot, with the lenses facing upwards. Also avoid exposing your glasses to extreme heat which can damage even the toughest glasses by damaging lens coatings and frames. Neither your case nor your spectacles should be left for long periods of time in extreme environments such as your car dashboard in the summer.

Washing your glasses at least once a day will keep your lenses in their optimal state. The cleaner your glasses, the less your eyes have to strain to see through smudges, dirt and dust.