Blend and Combine

Mix and match shapes and colours to create your perfect pair of glasses.

£575 including single vision lenses, lens thinning + glare protect / tint

Unleash your inner stylist & craft your own impeccable look. Combine and customize our diverse range of style and colour options to fashion a one-of-a-kind pair of glasses that truly reflects your individuality. Our in-house stylists can guide you through the selection process to create a unique one off piece.

Make them your own

Simply pick a frame shape, choose from our pre-selected colour ways, then sit back and wait for your new frames to arrive.

Seeking a unique selection? Our J.HYDE Custom Made option grants you the freedom to blend and combine frame and color choices, resulting in the ultimate frames for your needs.

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  • J.HYDE Signature Collection

    Bring out your inner stylist & create your own perfect look. Mix and match our styles and colour ways to create a unique pair of glasses as unique as you are.

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  • J.HYDE Individual

    Unleash your personal style and choose any colour to craft a pair of glasses that reflects your distinct personality and flair.

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Beyond Inspiring Confidence

All J.HYDE Signature Collection eyewear is crafted from ECONYL, a sustainable material that gives our frames their distinct properties.


Experience the resilience of our eyewear frames, built to withstand the rigors of daily use and maintain their impeccable structural integrity over time.


Lightweight, flexible, and UV-resistant, ECONYL contributes to the comfort, adaptability, and protection of eyewear, offering a versatile material for high-performing frames.


J.HYDE utilizes recycled nylon to promote sustainability in the production of eyewear. This innovative approach embraces the principles of the circular economy, minimising waste and preserving valuable resources. By aligning with eco-friendly practices, J.HYDE contributes to a greener future.