Precision in Vision

A superior eyewear experience is forged by our Precision in Vision charter. Four pillars to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Pillar One

Accurate Eye Test Results

Understanding your eye concerns, visual needs and lifestyle

A thorough and accurate eye exam is the foundation of our vision care programme. An accurate sight test result with advice that is tailored to your lifestyle.

Hand finishing your prescription for great accuracy

The visual assessment is completed using the 'old school' hand finishing method which we feel offers the highest level of prescription accuracy.

An in-depth eye health examination using the latest technology

As standard we use the latest retinal imaging technology to photograph the back of the eye. This allows us to create a visual reference to monitor potential eye health changes in the future.

Presenting you with a bespoke solution for your eyes and eyewear needs

Should you require glasses, the Optometrist will talk you through relevant lens options to suit your prescription and lifestyle needs.

Any eye health concerns will be diagnosed by the Optometrist and appropriate management advice given. A referral will be made to your G.P. if necessary.

Pillar two

Appropriate Lens Choices

Understanding your prescription.

Your Optometrist will discuss relevant vision and eye health findings and offer appropriate advice.

Advising you on the appropriate lens options and choices

Should you require glasses, the Optometrist will talk you through relevant lens options to suit your prescription and lifestyle needs.

Zeiss lens specialist offering custom lens solutions

Experience unparalleled optical quality, precision, and innovation. With Zeiss lenses, we can confidently provide our clients with superior vision solutions that exceed expectations.

pillar three

Style Mastery 360

Eyewear That Suits Your Face

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so frame them with perfectly styled eyewear. Eyewear stylists are on hand to help you find eyewear that complements your face shape, complexion and hairstyle.

Eyewear For Your Style & Personality

Your style is an outward expression of how you want to show yourself to the world. Understanding who you are and how you like to dress will help us to determine the perfect eyewear for you.

Eyewear That Suits The Occasion

Tell us where you're going and we'll make sure your eyewear is perfect for when you get there. Work, weekend or wedding? We encourage you to bring your outfit along for perfect eyewear styling.

Pillar Four

Confidence in every frame

Eyewear Comparison

Can't decide? or struggle to see yourself because of your high prescription? Creating a digital avatar helps you choose the perfect eyewear.

Lens Simulation

Don't just take our word for it. See how your lenses will look in your eyewear showcased on a 3D model of your face before you commit to buy.

Precision Measurements

The Visufit Imaging System calculates perfect lens to eye and pupil to pupil distance, lens to face angle and body posture compensation allowing for the most accurately produced lenses.