Luxurious Materials & Transparent Pricing

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Complete glasses from £125 with single vision lenses, lens thinning (up to 1.6) and glare protect/tint.

Acetate Series

£125 or £225 (oversized range)

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Lightweight & Durable

Lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. Acetate is the perfect material for eyewear for a number of reasons.

Rich Designs

Acetate frames come in rich colors with designs that are much more complex than conventional frames.


The cellulose fibres bend to give great flexibility allowing them to mold for maximum comfort.

Environmentally Friendly

They are an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional plastics made from petroleum. Created with cellulose, a material found in plants, these frames are formed from renewable and natural sources.

Metal Series


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Natural appearance

Metal frames are a great option for achieving a natural appearance while complementing your personal style.

Great for active lifestyles

Metal frame glasses are often lighter and more flexible, making them better for active lifestyles.

Easy nose fitting

We can comfortably adjust nose pads on all metal frames glasses (in materials to suit) which can be manually adjusted to fit your nose properly.

Titanium Series


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Superior strength

Titanium alloy metals produce some of the world’s most durable frames. Grade 9 Japanese titanium procured from Ferdinand Wagner in Germany is used to produce our titranium series eyewear.

Ultra Lightweight

Due to the superior strength of titanium, frames can be made thinner which makes them very lightweight - around 40 percent lighter than other mateal frames. This makes them a great option for people who find frames tend to weigh heavy on their nose and ears.


Titanium glasses are malleable. Even if bent, titanium optical frames can easily be restored to their original shape.

J.HYDE Signature Collection


A limited edition, limited release collection of 40 individual one-off eyewear pieces.

Eyewear that's as unique as you.

In-Store only

J.HYDE Signature Collection